7th Grade Reflection

My first day of 7th grade…how would I describe it? Hmmm…how about OVERWHELMING?!?

I’m pretty sure everyone would agree that 6th grade was a piece of cake. I was expecting the same for 7th grade. But there I am, half-way through first period thinking, oh, no. I squint at the board under the “study habits” column and I find something that I wish I hadn’t: homework! Other than the no homework nights, I’ve never had a day without any homework to worry about.

By November of 2013, I realized that I would never have enough time to go over to a friend’s house, or just have some free time. Everyday my schedule is as follows: wake up, school, dance, homework, bed. Sometimes I get really tired of this routine….

I’ve heard many of my friends that have been at West Ridge say that they thought 7th grade was the most challenging. My opinion would be the same, if not more harsh. However, 7th grade is like a mountain. The effortless beginning created overconfidence, which didn’t help whatsoever when I reached the top of the mountain, the arduous part. All the STAAR tests and finals and everything are in this period of time, and I don’t think anyone looks forward to it. As time went by, things settled down and school was a lot less stressful. Even though 7th grade has been the most  laborious, it has also been the most fun!

Long Nights

“Ahhhhhhhhmmmmm.” My yawn fills the study room as I flop onto the textbook with the title ALGEBRA 1. Right now, anything under my head feels like a pillow. As I drag myself back up, I peel my sweaty hand off my pencil and look at my watch. 11:30. Tomorrow is my last test of the semester, and I have to do well.  A simple little mistake could cause my average to go from a 93 to a 91. My body aches from sitting in a chair for too long. I need a break.

11:45. I’m back at my desk, not too happy. I don’t realize I’m staring off into space until my head slumps into my arms. Just…one…more…page…and…I can finally…lie down…and sleep….Ah, my soft, warm bed. I sink into my chair as I long for the moment when I can finally lie down and sleep. NO. I. NEED. TO. STUDY. I force myself to reach for my pencil and textbook. But of course, I don’t get through much.

12:00. It’s midnight and I’ve gotten through 5 problems. How am I gonna finish this? Then, after long periods of nothing, I tell myself to think about how proud I will be once I study hard and have a 100 sitting in front of me, clean from red marks. I take a long, deep breath and get my blood circulating again. I can finally feel my legs, arms and fingers as I start moving my pencil.

12:30. I’M DONE!!! Suddenly I’m full of energy as I throw my pencil down, slam the book closed and run out of the study room. In less than 5 minutes I have washed up, changed into my pajamas and climbed into my bed. Goodnight….

A Poem

We dance for laughter,

we dance for tears,

we dance for madness,

we dance for fears,

we dance for hopes,

we dance for screams,

we are the dancers,

we create the dreams.”

– Author Unknown

Le ballet
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Aldo Tapia via Compfight

Reading this poem is like going back, deep inside a memory of mine. There were times I felt happy and just let my passion take over me, but there were also times when I struggled to keep up. Sometimes it seemed like I was forced to make a choice between homework or dance. This author uses repetition to emphasize the fact that there are many reasons dancers dance, whether it’s for fun or not.

“We create the dreams.” This is my favorite part of this poem because it directs a message to everybody: You make your own choices. Whoever or whatever you dream to be, it can happen if you truly desire it.


Challenge Week 5: A Memory



For five years, Hello Kitty was one of my most prized possessions. Everyday I used to wake up with it smiling at me, bringing happiness to my heart. I brought it everywhere—in the car, on my bed, around my house. When I was 3, my eyes saw the Hello Kitty sitting in a birthday bag for the first time. My little girly self dove for the bag and snatched the pink kitty out. I was so excited, to play with it, to have a new best friend, to sleep with it at night.

Over time, my Hello Kitty got worn out. However, I didn’t care. I still carried it all over the place—with its ears ripped, cloth filthy, and no nose. One day, my mom tried to convince me to give my Hello Kitty to her so she could fix it up, but of course, I didn’t let her. I threw a temper tantrum for days, but finally my mom got it fixed up.

No one bothered me after that, but as time went by, I got older. It was now me protecting it, rather than it protecting me. I began leaving it on my bed, only to play with when I went to sleep. I still love how it makes me joyful and excited every time I see it at nightit never gets old. My Hello Kitty still sits sturdy on my bed, providing me company when I need it.

Week 3: 5 Favorite Apps

Some of my favorite iPad apps I like to use are Spotify, Snapchat, MyScript Calculator, Dictionary, and YouTube. I like these apps because they are useful, fun and entertaining.

Spotify— Headphones in, world outAnywhere, anytime, by anyone. I have all my favorite songs stored on a Spotify account that I listen to whenever I like. It goes from a boring, pin-drop quiet study room to a party in my head. I use Spotify for listening to music with my friends or just by myself. With Spotify, you need an account and it’s a monthly charge to your parents’ credit carddon’t try to sneak this :). 

Snapchat— I love to use Snapchat to send a pic or two to my friends about what’s going on in my life. To do this, all I had to do was make an account. I can search any of my friends’ accounts by entering in their username and voila! I can send a video or picture whenever I want. I think Snapchat is a great tool to “chat” with friends.

MyScript CalculatorMyScript Calculator is a very useful tool. It allows me to write in my own math problems, not just punching numbers in. I don’t have the neatest handwriting in the world, and you don’t need to in order to use this. The app is free, no sign up or anything is needed and it’s for users of all ages. All I have to do is write in my problem and wait for an answer.

Dictionary— Simple. The dictionary app is free to download and sign ups are not necessary. Instead of flipping through pages and pages trying to find “zelophobia”, I can just type it in. Also, another great feature that I like about this app is that there is a little microphone button that you can tap that lets you say the word instead of typing it. I’m not sure which one is easierspelling “zelophobia”, or pronouncing it :).

YouTube—Pewdiepie, Smosh, Nigahiga…which one to choose? Everyday, I get home, toss my backpack on the couch, and pull out my phone, ready to watch my daily YouTube subscriptions. All that’s necessary is an email to sign up with. One minute I’m listening to a music video, and the next, I’m watching some weird video about how to do a cartwheel (what?). If I’m tired, I go to YouTube. If I’m mad, I go to YouTube. If I’m happy, I go to YouTube. YouTube is lifesaver when I’m bored-out-of-my-mind.

Lists like these change everyday. However, for now, these are my top 5 best apps. I hope you check them out if you don’t already have it!

Week 2: Yogurt Planet

A bowl fresh fruit, yummy yogurt and chocolate chips. Mmmmmm! All these add up to the best-tasting frozen yogurt around town. Stop by the Hill Country Galleria for a refreshing snack that will brighten your day. There’s only one place in Austin that serves my favorite deliciously tasting healthy snacks—Yogurt Planet.

I love stopping by Yogurt Planet after the movies at around 11 pm. Well, I mean, I also like it because it’s the only store that’s actually open. All around the mall you see dimmed lights and locked doors, but at 11pm, Yogurt Planet is still full of hungry customers. One reason why Yogurt Planet is the place to be when you’re visiting Austin—it stays open until 11pm!

My favorite part about Yogurt Planet is that there many low-fat and organic flavors and toppings to choose from. Some might like the creativeness of cookies n cream, cake batter or cinnamon roll, while others just like to stick to the good ol’ vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or plain yogurt. Next, the toppings. Choose from oh-so-many chocolate candies, gummi worms, gummi bears, or just some chunks of fresh fruit. Lastly, the whipped cream. Splash on some pieces of peanuts, walnuts, cashews, or just twirl on infinite amounts of whipped cream and chocolate or caramel syrup. A variety of flavors and toppings to choose from is another reason why Yogurt Planet is one of the best stores in town.

The last of my top 3 favorites of Yogurt Planet would be the price. For all that fun and excitement packed in one bowl, $0.43 per ounce is a bargain! It’s pretty much like getting free whipped cream! 🙂 Blend all the different flavors and textures together for only $2! The price is the final reason why Yogurt Planet is Austin’s finest yogurt store.

In conclusion, Yogurt Planet is an awesome and fun little store to be in when visiting Austin on hot sunny day. It’s definitely a place to stop by when you feel you need a snack. So come one down, join the excitement and hang out with your friends!

The Phantom’s Lair

Photo Credit: *** Fanch The System !!! *** via Compfight

Drip, drop, drip, drop. Unfiltered water slowly flows from the faucet onto the ground.  I find a box of matches and a candle on the ground, and luckily there’s one left. I light it, and find a murky little room with nothing but a few things. A table, a chair, and a desk are all pushed to one side of the room, leaving room for a old, heavily used grand piano. A strange coldness spreads throughout my body. Go! Run away! My brain warned me not to go farther, but my body pushed me to take a few slow, steady, and sluggish steps toward the piano.

There is an eerie silence as I sit on the piano bench. Dust covers the surface of the piano keys. Unfinished sheet music lay messy all around me. My hand reaches for one sheet of music, then a few, then a few more. Before I know it, I’ve grabbed all the music and am rapidly flipping through them.

On each delicate piece of paper, a name is written in neat cursive on the bottom: Christine. With the only dim light there is, I read the notes and the lyrics: Hide your face so the world will never find you… My fingers find its way to the piano keys, and magic comes to life. The coldness that had been there earlier was replaced with warm, bright, and sunny—

I abruptly stop as I hear footsteps coming my way. Carefully but quietly, I sneak under the piano. Ice crawls toward my heart as the Phantom walks in.

Suddenly, the candle goes out.

Minions :)

So your tongue is a muscle, right? Well, if Minions have huge tongues…then they have huge muscles! 🙂


“Love is an open DOOOOOOOOR!” I think we all know what song this is. It’s been stuck in my head for days—but I think I know why. Frozen is the best movie ever!

First, the songs. I don’t know how these people come up with such catchy songs, but whatever they’re doing, it’s working! You could be watching a horror movie and still have the kid-friendly song trapped in your head. Songs are a big and helpful part of what makes Frozen such a successful and fun movie.

Next, the plot. (Just saying, if you haven’t watched the movie yet and you want to, don’t read this part.) For about three-fourths of the movie, you’re thinking, Oh, it’s the usual Princess and Prince Charming thing. NO. There is conflict after conflict, but in the end, they’re all resolved. The plot of this movie makes you stay tuned in until the end of the movie.

Overall, I just wanted to say that Frozen was a great movie, and if you haven’t seen it you should definitely go watch it. I have to admit that it’s one of my all-time favorite animations. Go Frozen!

How to Annoy Your Siblings :)

“GO AWAY!” My brother screams in annoyance as he pushes me to the other side of the car. This is how I do it—annoying people (especially my older brother). Sometimes I really enjoy seeing him so pissed at me. Payback for everything mean you’ve done when we were little. Don’t know how to annoy the heck out of someone? I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve….

First: Get your target in a place where he/she can’t escape. It’s no use if they can just run out and get away from your awesome, smart ways. One of my best “trapping” places: THE CAR. Try to run during a road trip? No way. In this case, my brother is sitting in the very corner of the car, and of course, I am there squished purposely right next to him. Hehehehehe….

Next: Start making obnoxious noises, right in their face. Don’t make it loud enough so that your parents get annoyed, but only loud enough so that your target can easily hear you. Make noises like EFVIUANJASNSIXI or AIUEUQCHBZBSSSS.

There you’ve got it! A fresh, new and annoyed sibling. Who doesn’t want that? 🙂